Occupational medicine is essentially the relationship between health and work. More specifically, it is the medical specialty concerned with disease or dysfunction arising from work-related injuries and /or exposure to noxious agents or stimuli. It encompasses medical services that employers and their employees may need, and concerns both the effects of work on a person’s health and the effects of a person’s health on their capacity for work.

Alabama Occupational Medicine provides services that include:
• Work Related Injury Care
- Musculoskeletal problems
- Eye injuries
- Chemical and thermal burns
- Cuts and lacerations
- Occupational skin problems

• Alcohol Testing
- Breath Alcohol testing
(Certified Breath alcohol technicians)
- Saliva alcohol testing

• Urine and Hair Drug Testing (collection site)
- DOT and other federally regulated testing
- State drug-free workplace testing
- Certified Medical Review Officer Services
- Random selection notification available

• Preplacement Physicals

• Periodic Medical Surveillance Physicals
- Hazardous Materials
- Respirator Physicals
- Firefighter and Police
- Hearing conservation program:
(Audiograms and STS evaluations)

• Return to Work Evaluations
(fitness for duty)

• Impairment Ratings

• Independent Medical Evaluations

• Work Site Evaluations
- Ergonomic work station environment